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Do you have questions about our method?

Always read the conditions first, we can't say it often enough

Refund of the amount you pay for registration is not possible.

  • Homes are allocated on the basis of the oldest rights (registration period) and the applicable conditions.
    1. the departing tenant nominates a new tenant;
    2. the owner immediately asks us to place a tenant.
    In these two situations, these candidates will be given priority on the waiting list. 
  • Keep your preferred living spaces up to date in your account. Choose as many properties as possible that match your rental budget. This way we can help you best and quickest with a rental property.

  • The indicated rental price is subject to change. The price may change after the property has been listed by us and the owner has determined the price on the basis of our advice. When signing an agreement, the rent is of course final.
  • Photos: depending on the phase in the rental process we sometimes share a limited number of photos or only project photos. As soon as we have more photos we will share them with all properties on our site. Read more

What is the ' method'? is a fully digital platform. This is how we help you find a pleasant living space safely and efficiently. Read more

How does your 'waiting list' work and why do you use it?

We believe that assigning housing by using a waiting list is the only fair way to rent out homes. This way everyone has a fair chance. If you have a Premium account, you will see your position on the current waiting list in your Profile Card for each property between your preferences.Read more

Which documents does ask for?

Documents are only required as soon as we assign you a property. Read more


Do you have questions about communication?

How can I talk to someone on the phone from

We use different channels, but focus on contact via the message centre. This access is possible after Premium logon. Through this section you will receive personal guidance and we can respond to specific situations. Read more

Questions? Come join our rental consultation hour

Every Monday and Thursday at 10:00hr in the morning we have a rental consultation hour where we answer al your questions. Please join here

Do you have questions about safety?

How safe is the system? respects your privacy.

When you register with to create an account and click on approval, you give us permission to use the personal data you have provided for the purpose for which they were provided: to be able to rent a home via The use of by tenants and affiliated landlords is described in the Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement. Upon first registration on a platform, we advise everyone to read and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. Read more

How do I deliver my documents and what do you pay attention to?

In order to guarantee your privacy as much as possible, we will only ask for your documents as soon as it is really necessary.

Do you work as an employee?
Ideally, you should upload your documents immediately after you have been assigned a rental property and not before. Before allocation we will not do anything with your documents and they will only 'age' unnecessarily. If you have already uploaded documents before allocation anyway, that is of course no objection. Documents are carefully checked by us immediately after allocation of a rental property. After this check, the allocation is final.

Are you an entrepreneur?
Entrepreneurs (and especially starting entrepreneurs) often need more time to upload the desired documents. Their documents are often also longer 'tenable'. We advise entrepreneurs to start submitting documents as soon as possible (i.e. even before a rental property is allocated). Documents are carefully checked by us immediately after allocation of a rental property. After this check, the allocation is final.

PS: the iDIN check can also be carried out later in the hurry!

Forgot your password or can't log in?

Go to and click on 'Forgot password?' at the bottom. Do you still need help? Read the comprehensive solution here

Do you have questions about conditions?

What are the eligibility requirements?

Signing up makes sense when you recognize yourself in the following points:

  • you have income from work, pension, income from work in conjunction with study financing or only study financing (in conjunction with an extra deposit and a guarantor who lives in the Netherlands or the EU);
  • you have a valid residence permit in the Netherlands;
  • after our automated credit check you have a positive payment history;
  • you can communicate in Dutch or English;
  • you are transparent about your application;
  • you can upload the following documents (you only need to upload these once a residence permit has been granted). 

Signing up makes no sense when you:

  • have a negative payment history according to the automated credit check;
  • have an income that consists of surcharges (with the exception of student grants);
  • you only have an assistance, homeless person's allowance or similar benefit;
  • has to do with debt assistance (amicable or statutory WSNP);

Read the conditions carefully and if you meet them, only then sign up. We have a no-refund policy!

Can I rent something temporarily? The contractor is out of business and my house is not habitable.

First, an important tip: let us know in your profile! We would like to know this particularity and do not necessarily ask it during the formation of the housing file. Here is a short answer: our leases serve for a minimum of 1 year, there is a charge once it is a smaller term.

Are pets allowed in the house?  

The answer to this question depends on several things. 

  • Is it a small or a large pet? Or is it more than one pet? More animals are more likely to cause a nuisance.
  • Are you going to rent an apartment or a single-family home?  
    Example: a large dog in an upstairs apartment is not wise. Neither is letting a large dog do its needs in a garden!
  • Does the tenant take good care of the pet?
    Example: a litter box needs to be cleaned regularly otherwise it causes odor nuisance.
  • Are the pets well trained?
    Example: a dog stays at home alone and lets the neighborhood know all day long (by barking) that his owner is not at home.  

These points determine for the most important part whether having a pet causes nuisance and whether it is wise to keep a pet in a rental home...Read more

Do you want to terminate your lease (earlier)?

This is possible under certain conditions. Read more

Do you have questions about pricing?

Why does a Premium account cost € 50?

This has to do with the verification of your payment history and the identity check that are included. In addition, we share all Open Houses through your account and you are in direct contact with our team for questions. We also offer a free package for tenants. Why go premium?

What is included in service charges and what are utilities costs?

Service costs are costs in addition to the bare rent of a property. For example, costs for cleaning, garden maintenance, upholstery and furnishings and the janitor. Utility costs are the costs for gas, water and electricity for which the tenant has his own meter. Read more

Do you have questions about aftercare?

I've been assigned a rental home. Now what?

You will receive a rental proposal from us which you can go through at your convenience and then accept or reject. Upon acceptance, we will share the rental agreement in your Premium account. You must then digitally sign this rental agreement within 2 days. In addition, we would also like to receive the amount of the starting invoice within these 2 days.

What happens to my data and uploaded documents?

When you register with to create an account and click on approval, you give us permission to use the personal data you provide for the purpose for which they were provided. If you log in to your account you can use 'My Account' to have all your data deleted using the 'terminate account' function. Read more

What is the basic rental price p/m?
Required (gross) monthly income (1 person)
What is your (gross) monthly income?
Required (gross) monthly income (2nd person)
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