There are no Open Houses planned this week.
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There are currently no Faster Renting Open Houses planned.

Public Open Houses

Open Houses for all. Visit without an appointment. An account is not yet required.

Here you will find the date and time of all scheduled Open Houses. We only organise group viewings and schedule an Open House as soon as we can. Ring the doorbell at the property at the specified time. Our Service Manager will be there to guide you.
IMPORTANT: The schedule is updated every Tuesday of the week.


Open Houses Agenda

For the latest updates


Always check this page two hours before the start of an Open House. If there are any changes, we will share them here immediately. This could be an adjusted start time or a cancellation, for example. That way, you won't arrive too early or for nothing.

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Faster Renting Open Houses

Open Houses for popular homes. View without an appointment with a Faster Rent account.

To avoid disappointment, we only send invitations for the Faster Renting Open House to tenants with a Faster Renting account who have the property listed among their favourites.


Top Open houses


Open Houses for the properties that are in very high demand. You need a Faster Renting account.

The 15 candidates who are at the top of the waiting list for the property are invited.

Like to know more about our Open Houses?

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