We are verhuurtbeter.nl

(Dutch for: rentoutbetter)

Verhuurtbeter.nl serves as a connecting platform between tenants and property owners. Our mission is to facilitate the rental process of residential properties in an efficient and user-friendly manner. With over 20 years of expertise and a dedicated team, we are constantly striving to improve the Verhuurtbeter.nl method. We work collaboratively with you to achieve this goal. Connect with us on LinkedIn or explore opportunities to join our team.

Find VB in The Netherlands

Westerlaan 11 unit 1.4
3016 CK Rotterdam

De Kameleon Karspeldreef
1104 SE Amsterdam

VB is always near

Dijkzigt metro station
10 minutes walk

Qpark Parkheuvel garage
1 minute walk

Below you can read how (potential) tenants can get in touch with us

Do you have any questions?

What are the eligibility requirements?

Signing up is useful if you recognize yourself in the following points:

  • you have income from work, pension or benefits, or income from work in conjunction with study financing or only study financing (in conjunction with an extra deposit and a guarantor who lives in the EU);
  • you have a valid residence permit in the Netherlands;
  • after our automated credit check you have a positive payment history;
  • you can communicate in Dutch or English;
  • you are transparent about your application;

Signing up makes no sense if u:

  • have a negative payment history according to the automated credit check;
  • have to do with debt assistance (amicable or statutory WSNP);
  • you cannot upload the following documents (you do not have to upload these until a home is granted). Read more here...

Read the conditions carefully and if you meet them, only then sign up. We have a no-refund policy!

How can I get in touch when I have more questions? 

To get in touch with VB, we use different channels for each phase.

Phase 1, search to award property: the easiest way is to attend one of our rental consultations. There you will get in touch personally and can ask anything. Of course, you can always use our chat button. Unfortunately, telephone contact is not possible at this stage.

Phase 2, from assignment of the property: in addition to the options we offer in Phase 1, you can also contact us by phone on working days from 13:00 to 14:00 onwards. We will share the telephone number in the rental proposal as soon as the property is allocated to you.

Read more about how to get in touch? Check out this useful article? Or tak a look at our online support service at verhuurtbeter.nl/en/faq

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What is your (gross) monthly income?
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