Finding a home 
can be a drag

Unnecessary if you ask us. It is our mission to help as many people as possible find a new rental home quickly. Without fuss and with a fair waiting list. helps people find a suitable rental home quickly and fairly.

Open houses with no hassle

Directly view
the current agenda

You can always visit our Open Houses without an appointment. We have divided our Open Houses into three categories: Public, Premium and Top. The Public Open Houses can be visited without an account. The Premium Open Houses are only available to people who already have a Premium account. For a Top Open House we only invite the people on the top of the waiting list. Read more...


Directly view our 
recent housing offers

Our listings change daily. We share new properties directly on our housing page. Through the message centre we inform all interested parties about open houses and the latest developments. We only work with landlords who abide by the Dutch law. This means that the rental prices are in accordance with the market and that the houses are technically in order.

Step by step

Online signing for a home 
within 80 days

Once you have entered your housing preferences in your Premium account, you can start your search. Based on your preferences, you will receive invitations to open houses. As soon as you indicate after a viewing that you would like to rent the property and you are on our waiting list, we will send you a rent proposal. If you accept the proposal, we will make the rental agreement for you. Upload the necessary documents and after we have checked the documents, you are the happy tenant of a new home.

Your privacy

Safety above all

Because all your activities are saved within the system we can guarantee that your personal data is safe with us. We will be happy to explain in detail what the security measures are.

How safe is the system?

Honest and transparent

We would like to know
who we are doing business with

When you create a new account, we automatically check your creditworthiness. That is actually the reason why we ask €50 when you sign up for a Premium account. This way we know who we are going to do business with and we can guarantee our administrators that our candidates have an edge right from the start. It also protects you from any financial problems that may arise later. Sign up and be on the waiting list and become an active candidate right away. Will you join us?

Since January 1, 2022

Get your money back when
renting at

To grow even further and give even more home seekers the opportunity to quickly and honestly find a new home through our platform, we decided to lower the threshold even further. We do this by, as of January 1, 2022, returning the € 50 that home seekers pay (once) when creating a Premium account after delivery of a new home.


Receive your money back

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Read our Frequently Asked Questions

We have a whole archive where you can search by terms or navigate through different situations that suit you. This way you can find everything about your search.

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