Finding a home 
can be a drag

We consider this unnecessary. Our mission is to assist as many individuals as possible in swiftly finding a new rental property. Without complications and with a fair waiting list. ensures that people find a suitable rental home in an honest and timely manner. You can start for free with Explore or Search, or go Premium and join the waitinglist now. Click here to get started and see the Premium benefits.

Open houses with no hassle

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You can always visit our Public Open Houses without any obligation, without an appointment.
Our Open Houses are divided into three categories: Public, Premium, and Top. The Public Open Houses are open to everyone, without the need for an account. The Premium Open Houses are exclusively available to users with a Premium account. For a Top Open House, only individuals at the top of the waiting list are invited.

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Our listings are updated daily, and new properties are promptly listed on our offerings page. Through our messaging center, we keep all interested parties informed about open houses and the latest updates. We exclusively collaborate with landlords who comply with Dutch legislation, ensuring that rental prices are market-based and the properties are in good technical condition.

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Step by step

Online signing for a home 
within 66 days on average

After filling out your housing preferences in your Premium account, you can begin your search. Based on your preferences, you will receive invitations to attend open houses. If you decide to rent a property after a viewing and your turn comes up on our waiting list, we will send you a rental proposal. Upon accepting the rental proposal, we will handle the lease agreement for you. You can upload the required documents, and once we have verified them, you will become the fortunate tenant of a new home.

Your privacy

Safety and privacy
above all places great importance on your privacy and personal data. We take your safety and privacy extremely seriously. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are pleased to explain how we have carefully addressed this matter.

How safe is the system?

Honest and transparent

Transparency and fairness
for tenants and landlords

When you create a free Explore or paid Premium account, we automatically check your payment history and calculate your rental budget, so you will know if we can help you too. Getting on the waiting list requires a Premium account. And if you become a tenant, you will simply receive the €50 back from us. Would you like more information on the difference between the free accounts and a Premium account?

What do you get for € 50?



Clear language

What are the service costs
and utilities?

Service charges are additional costs that are incurred on top of the base rent of a property. These charges include, among others, cleaning services, garden maintenance, lighting in communal areas, and the services of a caretaker. Service charges are reconciled annually, retrospectively, based on actual usage. Utility costs encompass expenses for gas, water, and electricity, for which the tenant has an individual meter.

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Here's how it works


View the offers
Through the website you can continue to view our recent offerings, including the Open House Listing. You can visit these homes free of charge. Both physically and digitally. Tenants and landlords find each other better.

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If you have your eye on a nice property, sign up. You can start with a free account or you can upgrade directly to Premium.

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Once you've browsed around with a free account you can upgrade to Premium. This will actively put you on the waiting list and guarantee you'll get your turn.

Get rental proposal
Easily view your inbox and accept digitally through your account. If you want the property, we now ask you to upload some documents.

Digital signing
Renting from us is a joy. Easily sign digitally and know where you stand. You will also receive the registration fee of €50 in return.

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