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The information on our website has been compiled with great care. Verhuurtbeter.nl does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy or continuous topicality of the data and information. No rights can be derived from its contents. We advise you to independently verify the accuracy and completeness of this information before you base any action or omission on it. Verhuurtbeter.nl explicitly excludes any liability for the data and information provided on its website and any use thereof. If there are any questions or ambiguities please contact us. We are here for you.


The media (photos, videos, and 3D tours) shared with the properties provide a representative example of the respective dwelling but may vary in specific situations. Therefore, no rights can be derived from the media.

Take your time to explore how the property looks and feels. This adds an extra dimension to your search for a rental home and helps you refine your choice. After all, it's convenient to be able to make a decision about renting the property, even up to 90%, from a distance.

That's why we have further developed this option. Some properties are identical, and we use typology logic to provide a good impression of the property as quickly as possible, even if we, as mediators, do not (yet) have all the visual material.

In addition to floor plans and energy performance certificates, we utilize three types of media for our properties: photos, videos, and 3D tours. Our media should not be interpreted as conferring any rights.


The photos we present are intended to provide the most accurate depiction of the available property. Each dwelling is part of a larger project. If we do not (yet) have photos of the specific address, we may display images of a similar unit or showcase project-related photos, such as common areas, exteriors, and facades. For properties undergoing renovation, we may include photos of previous renovations to give an idea of the expected appearance after the renovation.


The videos we publicly display are usually recordings of the specific property. However, it is possible that they feature a comparable housing type when recent photos or videos are not (yet) available. This may occur, for example, in cases of planned renovations where the property has not yet been put up for rent. We display the house number at the beginning of the video so that you can verify whether it corresponds to a similar type or the specific house number you are interested in. Further details are also provided in the description.

3D Tour

When a 3D tour is available for a specific property, you will often notice that a type is mentioned instead of an address. We do this because it is common for properties to have the same layout, such as different floors within the same complex.

In the descriptions, we indicate the current status of the respective property. This may differ from the actual unit. If the property deviates from the provided 3D tour, it will be clearly stated. Through the 3D tours, you can view a top-down layout, explore a 3D model, or digitally walk through the property step by step. Don't forget to use the measuring tool as well. This way, you can take measurements remotely!


Floor plan

We regularly receive input from our landlords - clients. This includes floor plans of the properties or even the property types. 

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