van der Fuyckstraat 77

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  • € 1.075
    Rental price per month
  • 92 m²
  • 4 Rooms
  • 1 April 2022
  • Apartment
  • Resale
A four-room apartment on location "Rugge" in Brielle

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On the Van der Fuyckstraat in the middle of the historical and characteristic Brielle, this apartment building has 10 floors. Here you will find 62 flats, each with a surface area of 92m², with three bedrooms. This means great living for families looking for a versatile, spacious flat for rent near the cosy city centre of Brielle. Only 30 minutes drive from Rotterdam and The Hague!

On the ground floor you can go to various shops for daily shopping. With just a few steps you are already at the supermarket, bakery and chemist. There are also other facilities in this shopping centre, including a dentist. There are also parking spaces near the building, which can be used by both residents and shop visitors.

From the complex it is only a 10-minute walk to the historic city centre of Brielle, with numerous restaurants and cosy terraces. What makes Brielle special is its rich history; in this beautiful city you will find the highest number of monumental buildings per inhabitant of the Netherlands. The streets are filled with characteristic houses with bricks and charming old warehouses. Partly because of this Brielle really breathes history - the ideal city for a nice day out!

Leading cities in the Randstad, such as Rotterdam and The Hague, are just a 30-minute drive away; for example, you can easily reach Rotterdam harbour via the A15 motorway.

  • Cosy, historic citycentre at a 10-minute walk

  • A15 nearby; with only 30 minutes drive in Rotterdam and The Hague

  • Busstation 2 minutes walk from the complex

  • Several shops on the ground floor for the daily groceries

  • Parking in front of the building


  • Safety work
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Toilet
  • Wall finish
  • Floor
  • General repairs
  • Technical installations
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van der Fuyckstraat 77
3232 AM Brielle
Type of construction
Construction year
Type of offer
Number of floors
1 floor
Located on
7th floor
Living area
92 m²
230 m³
Number of rooms
4 rooms
Number of bedrooms
3 bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
1 bathroom and a separate toilet
Aanbod - Vloer - nee
11 m² located on the Aanbod - Ligging - zuiden
Parking facility


1 April 2022
Rental price
€ 1.075
Service costs
€ 50
Heating costs
€ 80
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