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  • € 1.550
    Rental price per month
  • 112 m²
  • 4 Rooms
  • 21 December 2021
  • Apartment
  • Resale
A four-room apartment on location "Merenwijk-Centrum" in Leiden

About the livingspace

A four-room apartment on location "Merenwijk-Centrum" in Leiden.
This property is suitable for 3 house sharers. So are you looking for a place with 2 of your friends or colleagues? Then stop by during an open house.

The attached media (photo, video or 3D tour) show only the type and level of renovation. For this purpose, another property was used from the Tower Mill. A project around the corner from the Rosmolen from the same landlord.

The Rosmolen 9 is currently undergoing a full renovation, the property will be recorded by us shortly. Pictures will follow soon.


Rosmolen is located in the Merenwijk district, a quiet area in the north of Leiden. With all imaginable facilities nearby. Next to the Rosmolen is the shopping center the Kopermolen, with two large supermarkets, 40 other shops and a weekly market. If you go around the corner you will arrive in the green oasis called district park Merenwijk. A little further in the other direction is a large green area with allotments and a sports park. Also water is nearby: the beautiful Joppe and the Zijl are nearby. The Merenwijk is a spacious neighbourhood with many residential areas and dead-end streets, making it a child-friendly neighbourhood.


  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Toilet
  • Wall finish
  • Floor

Wanneer u kan komen kijken

Verhaal over bezichtiging, de keuze voor het soort kijkmoment maakt De wensen van de kandidaten staan hierbij centraal. een Openbaar Open Huis; Deze kijkmomenten zijn zichtbaar op onze website. Een Premium Open Huis; alleen voor kandidaten die reeds een betaalde aanmelding hebben en die voldoen aan de voorwaarden. Kandidaten ontvangen een uitnodiging zodra het kijkmoment.

3D Presentation



Type of construction
Construction year
Type of offer
Number of floors
2 floor
Located on
1st floor
Living area
112 m²
280 m³
Number of rooms
4 rooms
Number of bedrooms
3 bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
1 bathroom and a separate toilet
10 m² located on the Aanbod - Ligging - westen
Parking facility


21 December 2021
Rental price
€ 1.550
Service costs
€ 70
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