Auriollaan 20

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  • € 1.295
    Rental price per month
  • 76 m²
  • 3 Rooms
  • 1 January 2022
  • Apartment
  • Resale
  • 59 days
A three-room apartment on location "Kanaleneiland-Noord" in Utrecht

About the livingspace

A three-room apartment on location "Kanaleneiland-Noord" in Utrecht.
3 room apartment available immediately in the lively area Kanaleneiland

* General *

These apartment buildings were originally built in 1960, but underwent a complete renovation in 2017.

* Accessibility *

The complex has a very good accessibility. Auriollaan 20 is located in the district Kanaleneiland in the southwest of Utrecht with the center at 15 minutes cycling distance.
In addition, several bus lines pass nearby. Furthermore, there is an express tram for a fast connection to Central Station.
The previous tenant has been waiting 59 days with an account via VB.


Our complex on Kanaleneiland consists of four buildings in 3 streets: Auriollaan, Marshalllaan and Monnetlaan. These are 2, 3 and 4 room flats which have already been completely renovated and luxuriously finished in 2017. The energy label is A.

Living on Kanaleneiland is suitable for elderly people, families, starters and students. We also welcome house dividers up to a maximum of two people, provided they are prepared to pay two or three months' deposit (depending on additional jobs). Students also need to arrange a deposit through, for example, their parents, brother, sister etc.

The house has a kitchen with all appliances: dishwasher, combi oven/microwave, gas hob with extractor hood and fridge freezer. The bathroom has a washbasin with shower and dividing wall. Furthermore, both the bathroom and the toilet are fully tiled.

A 2-room flat contains both a living room and bedroom, with separate kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen is located at the end of the hall with the living room and bedroom on your sides. The bathroom has a direct connection to the bedroom.

A 3 room flat contains two bedrooms and a living room. Again, the kitchen is built separately, but the bathroom is separate from the bedrooms. Furthermore you will have a very spacious living room and two bedrooms of almost the same size.

A 4-room flat we have not yet been able to experience, even though the floor plan says otherwise :) Most 3-room flats were in the past 4-room flats, but a wall has been demolished to create a long, spacious living room. When a 4 room flat is applicable, the text will be adjusted so that we can inform you as well as possible about the layout of the house.


As far as is known, there will be no renovation.

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Type of construction
Construction year
Type of offer
Number of floors
1 floor
Located on
1st floor
Living area
76 m²
190 m³
Number of rooms
3 rooms
Number of bedrooms
2 bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
1 bathroom
Aanbod - Vloer - nee
6 m² located on the northeast
Parking facility


Waiting time previous tenant
59 days
1 January 2022
Rental price
€ 1.295
Service costs
€ 45
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