Parking also rents out parking spaces. Think of a garage box or a parking deck that is located in the residential complex. Renting a storage space is done via another platform. Signing up for a storage space costs € 15,- once for an account of twelve months. Sign up via the button below or via


Arrange a parking space in 5 steps

Are you looking for a parking space at your home? Read below how to rent a parking space with us.

Step 1 - Add your preference

View what is for rent in our offer. Can't immediately find what you're looking for? Then indicate 'No Preference'. We recommend using your local knowledge of the building to see which of the places suits you best. Then put these place(s) in your preferences.

Step 2 - Create an account

Complete your profile here. Even if you have already done this as a tenant. The registration of a storage space is done via a different platform We ask for a fixed amount of €15 for a 1-year account. The account is never tacitly renewed.

Step 3 - We're in touch

After receiving your payment and after you have completed the profile completely, send us a message via the account, so that we know that you have actively responded. We also request that you perform an iDIN check. We will contact you within three working days and discuss the possibilities. In many cases, we will immediately send you the rental agreement for the parking space, so that you can dispose of the space quickly.

Step 4 - Interested

If all information is clear and the iDIN check has been carried out, we will reserve the parking space for you. You will then receive the rental agreement for signing and the start invoice for payment.

Step 5 - Sign and pay

You sign the rental agreement and you pay the start invoice. You now almost have your own parking space. Congratulations!

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