Service costs and utilities
further explained

Below we explain what is included in the service costs and which utilities you still need to or can arrange yourself. This way there are no uncertainties about these matters and that is good for everyone.

For the property, you will see the service costs and utilities at the bottom of the page under 'Details'. 


Service costs

You may encounter the following items among the service charges at your property. Service charges are always settled with the tenant annually in arrears based on usage.


Heating costs common areas

Costs for heating and/or cooling shared areas in the building.


Electricity and water consumption for general areas + technical installations

Costs for the use and maintenance of common areas. For example, air installations, water for cleaning and lights in a hallway.


Heating costs home

Costs for heating your own home or the water in your home. Also called 'advance heating costs'.


Electricity costs home

Cost of using electricity in your own home.


Hot water supply in the dwelling

Costs for using the hot water supply in the dwelling.


Water consumption home

Costs for the use of water in the house.


Cleaning + window cleaning in common areas + parts not accessible to residents + replacing lamps/starters

Costs for cleaning and maintaining halls, porches, etc.


Green space maintenance + pest control

Costs for maintaining green spaces and critters that are not invited.


Service subscription CV-MV and WTW installation

Costs in the form of a subscription for central heating boilers and mechanical ventilation and/or heat recovery installations.


Service subscription elevator installation + telephone costs

Costs in the form of a subscription for the use and maintenance of elevators and related emergency telephone costs.


Maintenance of bell systems, door openers and home phone

Costs for maintaining electronic installations in halls or other shared spaces, among other things.


Sewer unblocking contract

Costs for, among other things, unblocking the drain in the house.


Cleaning / unblocking (roof) gutters

Costs for cleaning and/or unblocking (communal) gutters.


Housekeeper + related services

Costs for the presence and activities of a person in the complex. This is a janitor who speaks to residents and helps with all kinds of issues.


Exterior glass insurance

Costs for insuring damage to (exterior) glass and window work in the building.


Maintenance costs for access systems to parking facilities

Costs for maintaining electronic systems in halls or parking facilities, among other things.


Boiler rental

Cost of renting a water heater in the home.


Disposal - provide location - garbage

Cost for disposal of garbage (not bulky waste).


Replacing the filters 2x per year

Cost for replacing the filters in the installations of the house.


Administration costs

Costs for taking care of the administration around the service costs.



The following items may be encountered and must be arranged by the tenant. You can read which utilities you need to arrange yourself under 'Details' at the bottom of each property on our site. In our houses, except for internet/TV, the utilities are actually always active. So you do not need to worry about whether you have running water or electricity in your new home. We will take the meter readings with you at the key transfer, so that you become responsible for the usage at the right time.



Tenant has free choice of supplier.



You can find out which water company applies to your home here.


District heating

You are not free to choose the provider of district heating. We state which provider supplies district heating to your home in the rental agreement.



Required for the central heating system and for cooking, for example. Tenant has free choice of supplier.


Cooking Gas

Tenant has free choice of supplier (if tenant will not cook electric).



Tenant has free choice of a provider of these services.


Arranging utilities

You can choose to take care of things yourself by searching the internet, or using comparison sites like and has a free service as an alternative, so you can easily make the right comparison yourself with We will also inform you about this as soon as we have assigned you a property. offers you the possibility to arrange your utilities for your new home easily, quickly and without additional costs.

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