Why search with Verhuurtbeter.nl?

Searching for a rental property can sometimes be quite a job. Fortunately Verhuurtbeter.nl has made your house hunt much easier. In just 10 minutes you can create a Premium account, answer our questions and know immediately how we can help you. We will gladly explain how we can get the job done. Read more how below.

Step 1

View the current offer of rental properties

Our offer changes daily. We share new properties directly with you. We only work together with property owners who comply with Dutch law, so reasonable rental prices guaranteed!

Step 2

Go premium

Searching for a property often takes a lot of time. Not at Verhuurtbeter.nl. Because we assign homes based on registration time, you can estimate when it is your turn. Stop paying for websites that only show offers and start at Verhuurtbeter.nl today.

Step 3

We help you search with effective communication

Because we divide our time optimally, we can help a lot of people. During the search phase we are therefore not yet accessible by phone and we share all information via our site. As soon as we assign you a property you will receive the direct telephone number of your Verhuurtbeter.nl specialist.

Your privacy

Safety above all

Because all your activities are saved within the Verhuurtbeter.nl system we can guarantee that your personal data is safe with us. We will be happy to explain in detail what the security measures are.

How safe is the system?

Want to know more?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions

We have a whole archive where you can search by terms or navigate through different situations that suit you. This way you can find everything about your search.

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