Privacy Statement 


Article 1. | Introductory provisions 

1. This is the Privacy Statement of V2 Real Estate Solutions B.V., acting under the name VerhuurtBeter.nl (hereinafter: “VerhuurtBeter.nl”) established in Rotterdam, registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 62537474. 

2. This Privacy Statement is both part of the General Terms and Conditions and the Conditions of use that VerhuurtBeter.nl applies and serves as information for Users and Employees. 

3. Capitalised terms used in the Conditions of use are used in the same way in this Privacy Statement. 

4. This Privacy Statement applies to the processing of personal data of Data subjects by the Landlord and VerhuurtBeter.nl. 

5. In this Privacy Statement, the Data subject is informed of which personal data are processed by VerhuurtBeter.nl and how. 

6. This Privacy Statement applies to Users and Employees. 


Article 2. | Personal data Employee 

1. This article concerns the processing of personal data relating to an Employee. 

  1. 2. After creating an account, the Employee’s data are requested in order to provide access to the Platform. This concerns the following data: a. Photograph; 
  2. b. First name and surname; 
  3. c. E-mail address. 
  4. 3. The Landlord is the “Data controller” of these data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation. 


Article 3. | Personal data User 

1. This Article concerns the processing of personal data relating to a User. The purpose of this processing is to support prospective tenants in compiling housing files and concluding a possible agreement. The data processing is necessary for the performance of an agreement. 

2. With the Platform that VerhuurtBeter.nl provides, a Landlord can identify prospective tenants and select suitable tenants. The Landlord uses the Platform to allow the User to compile a housing file and determines what data he requests from a User and whom these data are shared with. The Landlord is the “Data controller” of these data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation. 

3. The User must register to be able to use the Platform of VerhuurtBeter.nl. To that end, VerhuurtBeter.nl requires some personal data, namely: first name, last name, sex, e-mail address and telephone number. Upon activation of the account, the data will be included in the administration of VerhuurtBeter.nl. The Platform can then be used under the condition that the Conditions of use are observed. 

4. After creating an account, payment must be made to be able to continue to compile the housing file for the purpose of obtaining housing. For this purpose, the User is redirected to the environment of the payment processor of VerhuurtBeter.nl. This party will request various personal data from the User in order to complete the payment. This processing may be subject to the general terms and conditions and privacy statement of the payment processor. 

5. Upon registration and payment, the User can fill in his profile. Depending on the information required by the Landlord for the housing file, the following personal data of the User may be requested: a. Name and address; 

b. E-mail address; 

c. Telephone numbers (mobile and landline); 

d. Date and place of birth; 

e. Photograph; 

f. Copy of ID; 

g. Marital status and family composition; 

h. IBAN number; 

i. Copy of bank card; 

j. Income details (type of employment contract, net/gross salary); 

k. Debts (type and amount of debts and amount of repayment) and debt position; 

l. Information about spousal maintenance to be paid; 

m. Direct debits carried out and contact with bailiffs; 

n. Application for debt restructuring scheme (WSNP) or bankruptcy; 

o. Current living situation; 

p. Additional personal data requested by the Landlord through the Platform. 

6. The Landlord can keep notes about the data provided by the User. These become part of the User file, but are not visible to the User. 

7. In the process, an identity check is carried out via iDin B.V. in Amsterdam (hereinafter: iDin) or via Keesing Reference Systems B.V. in Amsterdam (hereinafter: Keesing). In the event that the identity check is carried out via iDin, the User will send the request to iDin. After selecting the identification method iDin in the Platform, the User is directed to the iDin start screen of the User’s bank. After logging in, he can see the personal data requested by the Landlord. After giving consent, the User is directed back to the Platform, and the User is identified. The result of the identity check is shown to the User and the Landlord in the Platform. In the event that Keesing performs the identity check, the User must upload a copy of the ID via the Platform. The copy is then sent electronically to Keesing. Keesing checks the authenticity of the ID and whether the User is the legitimate holder of the document. For this purpose, the copy is compared with the files in the Keesing database. The result of the identity check is shown to the User and the Landlord in the Platform. The scan of the ID uploaded by the User is then immediately deleted from the Platform. 

8. The Landlord performs a credit check on the basis of the data obtained from the User. The User can provide these data using the Platform of VerhuurtBeter.nl. To this end, the data are sent to Economic Data Resources B.V. (EDR). Based on these data, EDR will give advice on creditworthiness. The result of the identity check is shown to the User and the Landlord in the Platform. EDR uses User details to investigate the creditworthiness and contact details. If you wish to object or want more information about the use of your personal data by EDR, see: https://www.edrcreditservices.nl/privacy-statement/. 

9. All these personal data and the results of the processing of these data will be used by the Landlord to assess the suitability of the User as a potential tenant. 

10. The Landlord may share the data, results and assessments with interested parties, such as property managers and property owners, when concluding a possible agreement (rent or use). These interested parties will receive a link from the Platform of choice of the Landlord, where the information can be downloaded. This link is valid for 6 days. 

11. If the User uses any third-party service or product (including Keesing, iDin and EDR) linked to the Platform from the Platform, the privacy policy of that third party will apply in addition to this Privacy Statement. The User should therefore always read the privacy statement and/or general terms and conditions of these third parties. VerhuurtBeter.nl makes it clear within the Platform if the User is about to use a product or service from a third party. 

12. Data provided by the User will not be shared with any Landlords other than the Landlord with whom he has registered, unless the User has given his (implicit) consent or there is another legitimate basis for doing so. 

Article 4. | Other processing of personal data Data subjects 

1. VerhuurtBeter.nl may view and process the personal data of Data subjects if this is necessary to support the Landlord in using the Platform or in performing maintenance or security work on the Platform. 

2. VerhuurtBeter.nl uses anonymous usage data to improve the quality of the Platform. 

3. VerhuurtBeter.nl can record the IP addresses of Data subjects. VerhuurtBeter.nl does this, among other things, to prevent misuse of and unauthorised access to the Platform. In some cases, VerhuurtBeter.nl may deny certain IP addresses access to the Platform, for example, when the rules set out in the Conditions of use and the Privacy Statement are breached. 

4. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard disk or in the memory of a computer. VerhuurtBeter.nl uses cookies to record the preferences that Data subjects have set. In principle, cookies cannot damage the computer or files on the computer of a Data subject. If the Data subject does not want to accept cookies, they can indicate this in their browser, but some elements of the Platform may not work properly without cookies. 

5. The personal data of a Data subject may be provided to a third party by VerhuurtBeter.nl or the Landlord on the basis of an order by an authority, a court order or a statutory obligation. 

6. The Platform of VerhuurtBeter.nl and the data processed with it are hosted by Exedo, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 27178919, established in Bleiswijk (hereinafter: Exedo). Exedo is the hosting provider of VerhuurtBeter.nl. The personal data of Data subjects are stored on Exedo’s systems, which are connected to the Internet in the racks of the data centres of Tilaa and Argeweb. Exedo ensures that the Platform and the data processed with it are available via the Internet. 

7. Verhuurtbeter.nl uses analysis software from the company Intercom Inc. (based in Dublin, Ireland, hereinafter: “Intercom”) to understand the use of the Platform of VerhuurtBeter.nl by Data subjects. Specifically, VerhuurtBeter.nl makes limited information (such as the e-mail address and registration date) available to Intercom and Intercom is engaged to collect usage data for analysis when a Data subject visits the Platform and the website of VerhuurtBeter.nl or purchases services. Intercom analyses the use of the Platform and services of VerhuurtBeter.nl so that VerhuurtBeter.nl can improve and provide services to Data subjects for the benefit of the Landlord. VerhuurtBeter.nl also engages Intercom to communicate with Data subjects, either via e-mail or via messages within the VerhuurtBeter.nl Platform. As part of the service, Intercom collects publicly available contact information and information about the Data subjects on social networks, such as e-mail address, sex, company name, position, photographs, Internet addresses, social media data and physical addresses. This information is provided to VerhuurtBeter by Intercom. For more information about the privacy policy of Intercom, VerhuurtBeter refers to https://docs.intercom.io/pricing-privacy-and-terms. Intercom’s service is governed by Intercom’s conditions of use, which can be consulted at https://docs.intercom.io/pricing-privacy-and-terms. If a Data subject does not want his data to be processed via Intercom, he can contact VerhuurtBeter or the Landlord. 

8. VerhuurtBeter.nl uses analysis software from Hotjar. When Parties visit the Platform of VerhuurtBeter.nl, Hotjar collects standard data and details about the use of the Platform, for example, the usage of the Platform is recorded in order to improve the ease of use of the Platform for Parties. The data is anonymised and collected in a manner that does not affect any individual. For more information about Hotjar’s privacy policy, VerhuurtBeter refers to https://help.hotjar.com/hc/en-us/sections/115003180467-Privacy-Security-and-Operations. 

9. VerhuurtBeter.nl stores User data for a period of 10 days after the end of registration. 


Article 5. | Security measures 

1. The Landlord is required to ensure appropriate technical and organisational security measures are taken with regard to the processing of data of Data subjects through the Platform. At the request of the Landlord, VerhuurtBeter.nl has therefore taken the following measures: - Passwords for accounts of the Landlord and Data subjects must be strong before the Platform can be used. This means that they are at least 9 characters long and contain at least 1 capital letter, 1 number and 1 special character; 

- The data exchanged by the Landlord and the Data subjects through the Platform are sent via an SSL-protected and encrypted connection (HTTPS protocol); 

- The Platform and the data processed on it are hosted by a hosting provider that is ISO 27001:20013 certified. 


Article 6. | Rights of Data subjects 

1. The Data subject has the right to inspect his own personal data. He can view the personal data he provided via the Platform. The personal data produced about him by the Landlord may be requested from the Landlord in Writing. 

2. The Data subject may change or correct the personal data, with the exception of the personal data obtained through iDin. This can be done in the Platform with regard to the data he provided. The personal data produced about him by the Landlord may be changed or corrected by submitting a request to that effect in Writing to the Landlord. 

3. The Data subject has the right to limit the processing of his own personal data. This right may be invoked by submitting a request to the Landlord in Writing. 

4. The Data subject has the right to transfer his own personal data. The Data subject can exercise this right via the Platform. This right may also be invoked by submitting a request to the Landlord in Writing. 

5. The Data subject has the right to have his personal data removed. The Data subject can exercise this right via the Platform. 

6. If a Data subject has given his consent for the processing of (certain) personal data, the Data subject can withdraw this consent at any time. 


Article 7. | Other provisions 

1. This Privacy Statement may be expanded or amended in the future. The Landlord and VerhuurtBeter.nl therefore recommend the Data subject to regularly review the Privacy Statement. 

2. If the Data subject has any questions or comments, he can contact his Landlord. The contact details are available via the Landlord’s profile page on the Platform. 



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